Voter Information

Am I registered to vote?

To find out if you are on the voters list you can contact Elections Nunavut.
Or during an Election Period you can contact your Constituency Returning Officer.

Why Register to Vote?

Voters register with Elections Nunavut to get their name on the voters list.

If your name is on the voters list you:

  • Receive a Voter Information Card in the mail during a Territorial election or By-election. It tells you when and where to vote.
  • Can vote faster and more easily. You don't have to register when you go to vote.

How to register to vote

Voters have three ways to register to vote:

  • Fill out a voter registration form online. Print and fax it.
  • Look for voter registration activities in your community between elections.
  • Register when you go to vote on Election Day or during the Advance Vote. You may need to provide ID.

Elections Nunavut uses two forms to register voters:

  • You moved to a different community in the same constituency
  • You moved to a different constituency
  • You changed your name
  • Your name or address isn't spelled correctly